Voter’s choice: The sleazies vs the crazies

Terry McAuliffe

Terry McAuliffe

Back in 1991, the ex-Klansman and neo-Nazi David Duke ran for governor of Louisiana against the colorful and corrupt incumbent, Edwin Edwards.  Supporters of Edwards put up billboards saying: “Vote for the crook, not the kook.”

It seems as though this is the kind of choice we are offered today (although few candidates for high office are as extremely corrupt as Edwards and none that I know are as extremely extreme as Duke).

Democrats and mainstream Republicans, even though they may be personally honest themselves, are committed to propping up a corrupt financial system and an out-of-control surveillance-covert action-police complex.  The main alternative is the Tea Party movement within the Republican Party, which expresses the justified anger of the American middle class but is out of touch with reality.

We had an example of this in the recent Virginia governorship race, in which the sleazy Terry McAuliffe defeated the  Ken Cuccinelli.  Our leading Presidential candidates at this point are Hillary Clinton and Chris Christie, candidates of the corrupt status quo, and Ted Cruz, the right-winger.  I won’t say Cruz is the candidate of the lunatic fringe because his following is too strong to be considered just a fringe.


Chris Christie

Double Down Excerpt: Mitt Romney Feared Chris Christie’s Baggage by Mark Halperin and John Heileman.   During the 2012 campaign, Romney thought Christie might make a good running mate until his staff found too many unanswered questions about his record.

Here’s the Case Against Hillary Clinton in 2016 by Sean McElwee for PolicyMic.

I Can’t Believe Terry McAuliffe Is Going to Be Governor of Virginia by Stephanie Mencimer for Mother Jones.

What GOP Can Learn from Cuccinelli’s Tanking Bid in Virginia by John Avlon for CNN.

Ted Cruz: the Distinguished Wacko Bird from Texas by Jason Zengerle for Gentleman’s Quarterly.

How Ted Cruz Wins by John Stoehr for the Washington Spectator.

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