Stuxnet computer virus spread beyond Iran?

The Stuxnet computer virus, which disrupted the Iranian nuclear program, is believed to have been created by the Israeli or U.S. intelligence services.  Its workings are explained in the video above, which was aired by the Australian Broadcasting Company in 2011.

Now a version of the virus has been detected in a Russian nuclear power plant and the International Space Station, Eugene Kaspersky, a Russian cyber-security consultant, said in a talk at Australia’s National Press Club.

So far as I know, his statement has not yet been confirmed by anyone else.  If true, this is seriously bad news because there is no reason to think these are the only sites outside Iran that are infected.

It is easier to let genies out of bottles than to put them back.


Stuxnet: UK and US nuclear plants at risk as malware spreads outside Russia by Alastair Stevenson for the V3 technology web site.   Hat tip to Washington’s Blog.

Stuxnet, gone rogue, hit Russian nuke plant, space station by David Shamah for The Times of Israel.

Stuxnet has infected a Russian nuclear power plant and the space station by George Dvorsky for io9

Kaspersky’s allegation about Stuxnet infecting a Russian nuclear plant comes after about the 27th minute mark.

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