Wal-mart as a Third World nation


In its size and structure, Wal-mart is like certain Third World nations—a tiny group of privileged people on top, supported by a pyramid of hard-working low-paid workers below.

Hat tip to Mike Connelly for the chart below.  It’s from two years ago, but still basically true.


Mike tells me there is going to be an anti-Wal-mart protest at 11 a.m., Friday, November 29, at the entrance to the shopping plaza at Brooks and Chili avenues in Rochester.

Protesting Wal-mart is okay, and boycotting Wal-mart is good, but I think the problems that Wal-mart represents go beyond just one company, as bad as that one company’s owners and managers may be.  The United States needs broad social reform, including a decent minimum wage and a government and public opinion that supports labor unions.

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