The passing scene: Links 12/3/13

Remove TEPCO Before Removing Fuel by Arnie Gundersen for Fairewinds Energy Education.

Racism Not a Problem Anymore? Don’t Be Ridiculous, It’s Still a Big Issue by Jamelle Bouie for The Daily Beast.

Vladimir Putin and the Limits of Thuggishness by Kevin Drum for Mother Jones.

A Challenge to the No Fly List by Ian Welsh.

Guns, Bombs and Weapons You Can Build at the Airport by Joe Flaherty for Wired.

New Study Finds Higher Methane Emissions From Fracking by Nick Cunningham for Oil Price.  Hat tip to naked capitalism.

How Wall Street Has Turned Housing Into a Dangerous Get-Rich-Quick Scheme—Again by Laura Gottesdiener for Mother Jones.

Conversation about Health Care No Longer Remotely About Health Care by Chris Bray for The Baffler.

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