Bridges in danger of falling down

Double click to enlarge.

Double click to enlarge.

A good way to stimulate the United States economy would be to put people to work fixing the nation’s bridges.  After that they could be put to work on dams, levees and water and sewerage systems.   It’s at least as likely to stimulate the economy as Quantitative Easing – buying up bad investments of the Wall Street banks – and, even if it doesn’t, we at least have safer bridges.


This Is What the Nation’s Crumbling Infrastructure Looks Like by Nikolay Lamm for the Huffington Post.   This is a photographic report on crumbling U.S. bridges and the source of the graphic above.

2013 ReportCard on American’s Infrastructure by the American Society of Civil Engineers.

America’s Infrastructure Crisis Isn’t Overstated by the American Society of Civil Engineers.


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