What benefit has the USA gotten from all this?

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U.S. District Judge Richard Leon said in a decision last Wednesday that there is ‘utter lack if evidence’ that bulk telephone surveillance ever prevented a terrorist attack.   He said he invited the NSA to give him an example, and the NSA came up empty.

Judge Leon ruled that NSA bulk surveillance violated the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution, but held off issuing an order pending an appeal.   The case will almost certainly go to the U.S. Supreme Court and, given the current makeup of the court, Leon’s decision will likely be reversed.

It is up to we, the people, to put a stop to Big Brother surveillance, if it is to be stooped


The NSA on Trial by David Cole for the New York Review of  Books

NSA: ‘Utter Lack of Evidence That a Terrorist Act Has Ever Been Prevented’ by Rep. Alan Grayson.  This contains lengthy quotes from the key sections of Judge Leon’s decision.

Judge Leon to NSA: “No It’s Not Legal” | And Obama doesn’t care about us | Marcy Wheeler interviewed on Corrente.

Update 12/27/13

District Judge William H. Pauley issued a decision upholding the legality of NSA surveillance which contradicts Judge Leon’s decision on almost every point.  It will be up to the Supreme Court to rule on who’s right.  Here’s the link.

Judge rules NSA surveillance program is legal by Adam Serwer for MSNBC.

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