What people died of in the 20th century

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The 20th century was one of the homicidal periods of human history.   Hundreds of millions died in war, or were murdered by governments.  It also was a period of enormous advances in medical knowledge and treatment.  Yet, as this interesting infographic shows, more people died of disease than died at the hands of their fellow human beings.

Click on Information Is Beautiful for the original chart and links to sources.

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2 Responses to “What people died of in the 20th century”

  1. swgoimh Says:

    The statistics used for ideology as a cause of death are taken from the highly controversial Black Book of Communism, which would seem to demonstrate political bias on the part of the author/artist which is a shame. 94 million deaths directly attributal to communism, but not a single death caused by capitalism or colonialism??


  2. swgoimh Says:

    Or if not political bias, certainly an over-reliance on Wikipedia as a source.


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