The truth about Duck Dynasty

It turns out that the bearded, camo-wearing Robertson family on Arts & Entertainment’s Duck Dynasty program are not modern-day version of the Beverly Hillbillies.  This is just a role they play on TV.

Click on Duck Decoy by Daniel Luzer of the Washington Monthly for the story.   Here’s what the Robertsons looked like before they became Realty TV stars.

Phil Robertson's four sons

Phil Robertson’s four sons

Phil's son Jase and his family

Phil’s son Jase and his family

Willie Robertson, CEO of Duck Commander

Willie Robertson, CEO of Duck Commander, and his family

Now it is true that Phil Robertson grew up poor in northwest Louisiana, founded the Duck Commander company and prospered by selling a duck call that was a favorite among hunters.  And I have no reason to doubt that he and his family are traditional Southerners and conservative Christians who enjoy hunting and fishing.

But on Duck Dynasty, they act out roles that were created by the A&E Network and its creative team to appeal to a certain segment of the population.   Duck Dynasty is art and entertainment.

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying Duck Dynasty if it appeals to you, any more than there’s anything wrong with enjoying professional wrestling.  But I feel like a fool for ever having taken “Reality TV” for reality.

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