Hope, change and Hillary Clinton

are.we.ready?John Atkinson writes as follows in Common Dreams.

Remember “hope and change?” At the time, few thought to ask what exactly we were hoping for and what exactly we were changing to.

And of course, what we got was a great slogan, better speeches, very little change and even less hope.

Here’s what Obama promised:

Shutting down Gitmo;

Ending warrantless wiretapping;

Ending foreign wars;

An end to trickle down economics;

Greater regulation of Wall Street and the financial sector;

A public option for health care;

Protecting social security, Medicaid and Medicare;

Serious action on climate change;

Greater equality in opportunity and more broadly shared prosperity …

Here’s what we got: An administration that set up Goldman Sachs south in the Treasury, doubled down on domestic spying; expanded a drone policy that creates between 40 to 60 new terrorists for every one it kills; health care reform that is better than the status quo, but which rewards corporate insurers as much or more than it does citizens; international trade agreements that favor corporate interests, while eviscerating domestic wages, scuttling environmental performance, and crippling US industrial infrastructure. It’s so bad, they’re trying to negotiate it in secret … … …

So now enter Hillary Clinton and the deluded Democrats who hopd for her Presidency.  Maybe it’s time to ask what, specifically, we will get; what we can hope for, and whether it will usher in changes Americans overwhelmingly want … …. .

And here’s the answer – If we nominate Hillary Clinton we will get another DLC Democrat who mouths progressive values during the campaign, then shifts to the right when (and if) elected. In short, citizens get no real choice. … …  …

The fact is, the people’s interests aren’t being represented in Washington and they won’t be if Hillary Clinton is elected. Her record is clear. She’s an ardent proponent of trade agreements; she’s consistently supported the interests of Wall Street over Main Street; she’s been hawkish on foreign policy; weak on civil protections; hawkish on the deficit (until very recently) and mum on many other issues that demand a progressive advocate.

Click on Hillary Clinton and the Future Failure of Progressive Hope and Change for Atkinson’s whole article.

Hat tip to Mike Connelly for the link.

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3 Responses to “Hope, change and Hillary Clinton”

  1. Evan Says:

    It just completely baffles me why liberals are so eager to take down their own for not being pure enough. This post made me feel really discouraged, I mean, here we go again: Let’s get everyone to vote for an unelectable third party candidate so we can feel smug while a conservative wins the election, then to no one’s surprise, implements horrible policies.


  2. Holden Says:

    Hilary Clinton is more of a Warhawk Republican than Dick Cheney!


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