Vaclav Havel on optimism and hope

Vaclav Havel

Vaclav Havel

Optimism is the belief that what you are doing will work.

Hope is the belief that what you are doing makes sense.



Vaclav Havel was a great playwright, essayist and defender of intellectual freedom in Communist Czechoslovakia, whose writings frequently resulted in prison sentences.  In those days he had little reason for optimism, but he became the first post-Communist president of Czechoslovakia.

For more about him, click on this link for his Wikipedia article.

Hat tip for the quote to my old friend Steve Badrich.


2 Responses to “Vaclav Havel on optimism and hope”

  1. Notes To Ponder Says:

    Who knew? Thanks for another great post.


  2. simonandfinn Says:

    Very nice quote –


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