How political correctness shields oligarchy

 The survivalist blogger Dmitry Orlov thinks debating “political correctness” is a way to prevent discussion of real issues of American politics.

Discussions of social policy, especially with regard to such things as the rights of women and sexual and racial minorities, play a very special role in American politics.  … It has recently been shown that the US is not a democracy, in which public policy is influenced by public opinion, but an oligarchy, where public policy is driven by the wishes of moneyed interests.

Dmitry Orlov

Dmitry Orlov

On major issues, such as whether to provide public health care or whether to go to war, public opinion matters not a whit.  But it is vitally important to maintain the appearance of a vibrant democracy, and here social policy provides a good opportunity for encouraging social divisions: split the country up into red states and blue states, and keep them in balance by carefully measured infusions of money into politics, so as to maintain the illusion of electoral choice.

Throw a bit of money at a religious fundamentalist candidate, and plenty of feminists, gays and lesbians will vote for the opposing kleptocrat who will, once elected, help Wall Street confiscate the rest of their retirement savings, in return for a seat on the board; throw another bit of money at a rainbow-colored lesbian, and plenty of bible-thumping traditionalists will vote for the opposing kleptocrat who, once elected, will funnel tax money to his pet defense contractor in return for some juicy kickbacks.  This part of the American political system works extremely well.

On the other hand, if some matter comes before the politicians that requires helping the people rather than helping themselves and their wealthy masters, the result is a solid wall of partisan deadlock.  This part works very well too—for the politicians, and for the moneybags who prop them up, but not for the people.

While it is the entire country that is being victimized by this system of governance based on the principle of social divide and conquer, it is women and minorities that are the pawns in this game, and the biggest losers, with some of the worst outcomes out of all of the developed countries.

The US has the largest number of children born into poverty and leads the world in teenage pregnancy and the rate of sexually transmitted disease infection among teenage girls.  In spite of what’s been called “progress,” the effect of women working outside the home has been to halve family incomes.


As for minority rights, there are more black slaves in America today than there were before the Civil War—they used to work on plantations, but now they work in prisons, many of which are privately owned, where they make money for their politically connected owners.

With regard to the rights of sexual minorities, it needs to be noted that not only does the US lead the developed world in rape, but that here rape is evenly distributed between men and women, male rape being most prevalent, again, among the prison population.

This vast landscape of societal failure is obscured behind a verbal veil of political correctness. Never mind the fact that the nirvana of progressive race and gender politics only exists on television (where it is faked) and among a few of the continuously shrinking remnants of the middle class—we are still required to pay lip service to it.

via ClubOrlov.

I’m not sure this is the result of a conscious plot on the part of the U.S. elite.  My guess is that it is more a result of people in power just doing what comes naturally.  But it scarcely matters which it is.  The result is the same.

Oligarchy is rule by the rich.   A recent study by Princeton and Northwestern political scientists of 1,779 policy decisions by the U.S. Congress showed that these decisions coincided with the wishes of the upper 10 percent of income earners more than three-quarters of the time, with the wishes of business interests nearly half the time, and with wishes of ordinary citizens only about 5 percent of the time — probably not any better than random.


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A final word.  I don’t believe in being “politically incorrect” when this means demanding immunity from criticism for being deliberately offensive, insulting and vulgar.   Neither to I believe in being “politically correct” when this means taking offense where no offense was intended.  In general, I believe people should be judged on what they do, not on some particular thing they’ve said in an interview or private conversation.

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2 Responses to “How political correctness shields oligarchy”

  1. Daniel Brandt Says:

    Phil, you said “I’m not sure this is the result of a conscious plot on the part of the U.S. elite. My guess is that it is more a result of people in power just doing what comes naturally. But it scarcely matters which it is. The result is the same.”

    Just for the record, yes, it is definitely a conscious plot. See my 1993 essay, “Multiculturalism and the Ruling Elite” at


  2. prayerwarriorpsychicnot Says:

    Reblogged this on Citizens, not serfs and commented:
    How the West is being governed in a nutshell.


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