John Oliver explains net neutrality

John Oliver gave a  clear—and entertaining—explanation of what Net Neutrality is and why it matters.

He called on viewers to let the Federal Communications Commission know what they thought, and the FCC received more than 70,000 comments immediately after the broadcast—enough to temporarily overwhelm its comments section.

Click on Most Creative ‘Net Neutrality’ Comments on the FCC Website to read some of them.

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One Response to “John Oliver explains net neutrality”

  1. thetinfoilhatsociety Says:

    Good. I was one of the ones who commented — it took me 30 minutes because the page kept crashing. I can’t believe the level of political inbreeding and nepotism that exists openly in our government these days. I know our county agencies have rules against this, doesn’t the federal government???

    (yes, I know nepotism technically applies to family relationships but it definitely captures the spirit of what’s going on)


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