Is an Israeli-Palestinian peace even possible?

This video is an admirable effort by the Jewish Voice for Peace to describe the Israel / Palestine conflict objectively and to propose a constructive solution.  Sadly, I doubt a constructive solution is possible.  I’d be glad to be proved wrong.

I’m currently reading Empire of the Summer Moon, a history of the Comanche nation and its great chief, Quanah Parker.   The history of United States treaties with the Comanches and other American Indian nations is very like the various peace plans between Israeli and the Palestinians.

The problems with the Indian treaties were that, on the one hand, the United States government did not and maybe could not hold back white settlers who wanted Indian land, and that, on the other hand, Indians did not recognize the authority of negotiators making concessions in their names and did not consider themselves bound by the treaties.

I do not equate the Palestinian Arabs with tribal peoples of North America, but I do see parallels in their situations.  The only possible outcomes of the merciless wars between the Plains Indians and the white settlers were that the Indians would drive out the settlers, or that the United States Army would subjugate the Indians and force them to live on reservations.

Via Juan Cole.   Hat tip to Jack Clontz.


[Update]   None of this is intended to disparage peacemakers.  As Arthur C. Clarke once wrote, the only way to know the limits of the possible is to venture a little way into the impossible.  Even if the chances for peace are slim or nonexistent, their efforts are not wasted.  [7/15/14]

[Update 2]  My e-mail pen pal Jack Clontz, who called my attention to the video, said the Jewish Voice for Peace shows that the Jewish tradition retains its strength with a remnant of righteous Jews, as in the days of Hosea.  [7/15/14]

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    Some honesty in this video, finally.


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