The passing scene: Links & comments 7/30/14

To Address Honduran Refugee Crisis, US Should Stop Financing Repression in Honduras by Laura Raymond for TruthOut.

Hillary Clinton’s Real Scandal Is Honduras, Not Benghazi by Emily Schwartz Greco for Other Words.   Hat tip to Bill Harvey.

People in Honduras and other Central American countries suffer as much or probably more from violence by their own governments as from criminal drug gangs.

Many hand-scrabble farmers in Honduras have been pushed off their land to serve the interest of big landowners, mining corporations or hydroelectric power projects.  Many have gone broke trying to compete with cheap imports.   When they protest, or when workers try to organize labor unions, they risk what human rights organizations call “extrajudicial executions”.

I’ve written in previous posts that we Americans should be more accepting of desperate child migrants from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador.  But in the long run, what’s important is respect for basic human rights in those countries.  The U.S. government can’t assure democracy in any country, but it can stop subsidizing and propping up dictatorships.

Coal Miner Whose Brother Died on the Job Was Fired for Flagging Dangers by Dave Jamieson for Huffington Post.  Hat tip to Labor News of Rochester, NY.

In October 2011, Jeremy Coots, a coal miner in eastern Kentucky, helped carry the lifeless body of his brother, Richard Coots, out of a mine where he was crushed to death by a piece of machinery.  Now he has been fired from his job in a different mine for complaining about dangerous and correctable working conditions.

I don’t think that the United States is so poor a country that miners should have to chose between jeopardizing their lives and jeopardizing their livelihoods.

Argentina Deadline Day: Punishment for Rejecting the Neoliberal Consensus Is Nearly Complete by David Dayen for Naked Capitalism.

A U.S. federal judge overruled a deal by the government of Argentina with its major bondholders to refinance its debt.  The reason an American judge has jurisdiction is that the payments go through banks in New York City.

I think the long-range consequence of this is that foreign governments will try to do business with banks in China and other countries that don’t recognize U.S. jurisdiction.

Yes, Robert E. Lee Supported Slavery, the Confederacy and Its Battle Flag by Jonathan Ladd for The Mischief of Faction.

When Lee’s Army of Northern Virginia entered Pennsylvania in 1863, they grabbed every black person they could capture and sent them south to slavery.

The Limits of “Unlimited” by Barbara Fister for Library Babel Fish.

Why Amazon’s Kindle is no replacement for the inter-library loan system.

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