Afterthoughts about Ferguson

  • All the military gear given to the police in Ferguson, MO, has not enabled them to protect shopkeepers from looting, arson and rampaging mobs.  I hope it goes without saying that I do not think that being a victim of injustice entitles you to a free robbery.
  • The facts about the events leading to the killing of Michael Brown are more ambiguous than I originally assumed.   The shooting of unarmed young black men in the USA by police for no good reason is common.   I don’t claim to know exactly what happened in this particular case.
  • If Attorney-General Holder wanted to do something for racial justice, he could initiate proceedings to reclassify marijuana so that possession is not a federal drug crime.  Minor drug offenses are a major cause of the mass incarceration of young black men.

“Snitches Get Stitches” message spray-painted on burned-out Quik Trip by Roche Madden for Station KTVI in St. Louis.

Ferguson Protestors Protect Stores from Looters, Riots As Police Hold Back by Lindsey Toler for Riverfront Times, a news blog.

The Ferguson Question by Charlie Stross.  About Sir Robert Peel’s nine principles of policing.

The Michael Brown case hinges on this one detail by Joanna Rothkopf for Salon.

Shooting Accounts Differ As Holder Schedules Visit to Ferguson by Frances Robles and Michael G. Schmidt of the New York Times.

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