Send them a message: Vote for Teachout in NY

I will vote for Zephyr Teachout in today’s Democratic primary for governor of New York, as a protest against the influence of Wall Street on incumbent Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the Democratic Party in New York state.

Zephyr Teachout

Zephyr Teachout

While I think the odds are strongly against Teachout winning the Democratic nomination, I do admit that, if nominated, her victory would greatly improve the chances of the Republican candidate, Rob Astorino.

I don’t think the differences between Cuomo and Astorino are so great that this would matter to me. They both represent the same interests.

Cuomo is a liberal only on issues that don’t threaten the interests of his wealthy backers. His economic strategy for New York states consists of tax breaks for Wall Street, casino gambling and fracking for natural gas (although strong public opposition has forced him to hold back on the latter).

Simply not doing any of these things would represent an improvement.

Teachout, if elected governor, would not be able to change New York’s political power structure all by herself. Change could not take place unless people like her were elected on all levels of government, and even then they would have a hard struggle against the monied interests.

A vote for Teachout and for Tim Wu for lieutenant governor are small first steps toward bringing this about.


Take a Stand Against Cronyism and Corruption: Vote for Teachout and Wu by Yves Smith on Naked Capitalism.

An interview with Zephyr Teachout, candidate for governor of New York by Yves Smith.

An interview with Tim Wu, candidate for lieutenant governor of New York by Lambert Strether.

Teachout’s emerging voice, an interview in City newspaper of Rochester, NY. A good short summary of what the candidate stands for.

How Corrupt Are Our Politics? by David Cole in the New York Review of Books. A thoughtful book review of Zephyr Teachout’s Corruption in America: From Ben Franklin’s Snuff Box to Citizens United.

The Outsider: Zephyr Teachout Will Never Be Governor, So Why Is Andrew Cuomo Worried? by Anna Merian for The Village Voice.

Doubling down on the prince of darkness by Hiten Santani for The Real Deal, a news service on New York real estate. The New York real estate industry has responded to allegations of corruption against Gov. Cuomo by stepping up its contributions to his campaign.

Five ways Zephyr Teachout differs from Andrew Cuomo by Teri Weaver for the Syracuse Post-Standard.

Who Is Zephyr Teachout? by Nick Powell for City & State, a political news site.

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One Response to “Send them a message: Vote for Teachout in NY”

  1. williambearcatBill Says:

    Becky and I are doing the same today. While I disagree with you about defeating Republicans this year just because they are Republicans, I am also frustrated by the politics played by Cuomo.


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