Rare movie footage of the war of the worlds

Source: The Great Martian War

Hat tip to Boing Boing.

The Great Martian War is a documentary-style made-for-TV movie that conflates World War One with H.G. Well’s War of the Worlds.  I find this trailer (the full movie isn’t available in the USA) to be weirdly fascinating.

The actual World War One was just as fearsome, and just as much of a break with everyday life, as the events in H.G. Wells’ story.  But while the actual World War was tragic and unnecessary,  a war against extraterrestrial invaders would have been meaningful and glorious.

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One Response to “Rare movie footage of the war of the worlds”

  1. kindigjerri Says:

    I have heard some interesting things about this. WWI had to be terrifying. My husband and I are avid history readers, especially war time history. Currently he is reading Hearts, Minds and Coffee by Kent Hinckley, kenthinckley.com for the book info. He says I have to read it next so I will. No Aliens, just Vietnam war.


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