Troubled Democrats: Links & comments 11/15/14

Elizabeth Warren on Barack Obama: “They protected Wall Street.  Not families who were losing their homes.  Not people who lost their jobs.  And it happened over and over.”  An interview by Thomas Frank for Salon.

Senator Elizabeth Warren is not as hard on President Obama as this headline would indicate.  And she is right to say that we the people can’t expect a President to change the nation for the better all by himself.   Change requires a strong political movement, operating at all levels of government, with the power to reward its friends and defeat its enemies.

Are Democratic Leaders Already “Tea Partying” the Progressives? by “Gaius Publius” for Down With Tyranny.

The right wing of the Democratic Party would rather stay in control than win elections.

Jack Trammell (D) throws the working class under the bus in Virginia’s District 7 by “Lambert Strether” for Corrente.

In the race in House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s old district, the Tea Party Republican is more anti-Wall Street than the Democrat.

Centrists’ clueless obsession: Why do so many want to cut Social Security? by Jim Newell for Salon.

Here’s how to draw a sharp contrast with Republicans by Greg Sargent for The Washington Post.

Democratic Senator Mark Begich of Alaska, campaigning for re-election, advocates expansion of Social Security.  It is the most popular of the New Deal programs.  Why do so many Democrats, including President Obama, want to undermine it?

Rogue donors not ready for Hillary? by Kenneth P. Vogel for Politico.

The voters’ Presidential primaries are more than a year away.  But the big money primaries have already begun.  Some rich donors are on the side of working people, but working people shouldn’t count on rich people to represent their interests.

Voter ID Laws, Republican Voter Suppression Needs to Stop by Alec MacGillis for The New Republic.

The main thing that is keeping Democrats in office is the policies and tactics of Republicans.   The GOP is permanently alienating minorities and young people by trying to discourage them from voting.  Which means the Democrats don’t have to do much to benefit minorities and youth to get their votes.

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