Heaviest snowfall, warmest winter in 46 years


Temperatures colder and warmer than average

Via Washington Post

As odd as it may seem, this past September and October were the warmest on record worldwide and this past November was the second warmest on record, while, at the same time, the Northern Hemisphere has had the heaviest snowfall on record (that is, in 46 years).

Except that most of the United States is experiencing both unusually cold temperatures and unusually heavy snow fall.  Lucky us!

Meteorologists have various theories as to how this can be so, which are explained in the linked articles below.  Snowfall can happen anytime the temperature is nearly or below freezing, and it is likely to be heavier when temperatures are slightly below freezing because there is more moisture in the air than when temperatures are way below freezing.

All that’s known for sure is that overall global warming won’t make winter go away.  Some theories say that it can make winter worse.

Naturally, living in upstate New York, which historically is known for severe winters, I’d prefer this not be the case.  Mother Nature, however, is not in the habit of catering to my wishes.


Fall snow cover in Northern Hemisphere was the most extensive on record, even with temperatures at high mark by Jason Samenow for the Washington Post.

Snowed under and frozen over: U.S. weather is off the rails, but why? by Jason Samenow for the Washington Post.

There’s growing evidence that global warming is driving crazy winters by Chris Mooney for the Washington Post.

2 Responses to “Heaviest snowfall, warmest winter in 46 years”

  1. Gunny G Says:

    Reblogged this on BLOGGING BAD w/Gunny G ~ "CLINGERS of AMERICA!".


  2. Atticus C. Says:

    I’ve read a few times that we have already passed the point of no return on a global warming front. That the damage is done and global climate disaster is inevitable. I don’t know if that’s true, but if we are even close and everyone agrees (97% of scientists?) I don’t understand why we aren’t in panic mode.

    Why aren’t there executive orders and a stream of legislation shutting down coal plants, stopping automobile production, and closing down gas stations? It just seems strange to me that everyone is so concerned about the climate change issue, but the status quo is embraced so heartily.

    I wish I had the understanding to know exactly where we stand on this environmental disaster front. I pick up trash, recycle, avoid waste, but I also drive a car to work everyday and live in a large heated home. What should the average person change?


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