Failed policy and declining U.S. military morale

Morale in the U.S. military is declining for many reasons, but I think the underlying problem is that men and women in the armed forces lack a clear mission that is related to the defense of the nation, and that the American public understands and supports.

Americans supported the troops during World War Two because Japan attacked us and Germany threatened us.  Americans had trouble understanding “limited” war in Korea (although I think the American defense of South Korea was necessary) and counterinsurgency warfare in Vietnam.

The Pentagon’s solution was to end the draft so that wars could be fought without the support of the American public.  But the volunteer troops, like the draftees of an earlier era, still need a reason why their risk and sacrifice is necessary to protect the nation, and it matters to them whether they have the support of the public.

The men and women in the U.S. armed forces are well able to defend their country against attack, and are capable of destroying the armed forces and government of any weak country such as Iraq or Libya.   What U.S. military leaders have never learned how to do is to subdue a resistance force operating in its home country.


AMERICA’S MILITARY: a force adrift by Hope Hodge Seck for Military Times.

The Real Reason For The Poor State of Military Morale by Carl Forsling for Task & Purpose.

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