Vaccination and the pro-life philosophy

VaxExemptionsThe basic argument of the anti-abortion movement is that the right to life is more important than the right to choose.

I agree with that argument.  My freedom of choice ends where the threat to your life begins.

My disagreement with the anti-abortion movement is over when human life begins.  I agree with the older Christian philosophy which Dante expressed in the Divine Comedy, that conception creates a vegetable soul, capable of growth, which develops into an animal soul, capable of movement, and only later becomes a human soul, capable of understanding.

Be that as it may, it seems to me that anyone committed to the right to life philosophy would deny that there is a right of parents to withhold vaccination or life-saving medical treatment from children.

The right of the child to live is more important than the right of the parent to choose.  And in this case, there is no question as to what constitutes a human life.

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One Response to “Vaccination and the pro-life philosophy”

  1. thetinfoilhatsociety Says:

    Which vaccines are we talking about, Phil? Hepatitis B which is given to a newborn at 12 hours old, even though all pregnant women are screened for Hep B?? Hep B, a disease that is sexually transmitted and I’m pretty sure newborns and infants aren’t engaging in sharing needles or random sex?

    Or are we talking about measles? A disease that – in a modern nation, where good nutrition is the norm – kills less than 1 in 1000? A disease that has killed NO ONE in a decade despite having several hundred cases – mostly in fully vaccinated young adults, BTW – per year since 2005? A disease for which the vaccine causes exactly the same side effects as the disease? A disease for which the vaccine doesn’t protect against the disease anyway thanks to viral shift? A disease that, having actually had, is linked to protection against cancers, among them ovarian cancer?

    Or are we talking about the flu? A disease for which, in a GOOD MATCH YEAR, the vaccine has a less than 60% chance of protecting you from the disease, has never been shown to protect anyone from pneumonia or other complications and is the greatest cause of Guillain-Barre syndrome in this country? A disease for which one must be vaccinated against EVERY YEAR?

    Are we talking about pertussis? A disease that, thanks to viral shift like measles, is now becoming prevalent in vaccinated populations (I got it as an adult)? A disease that, having vaccinated against, is now the cause of a huge increase in parapertussis – a much more deadly bacteria, and one we have no vaccine against – is now significantly more prevalent and dangerous?

    Are we talking about chickenpox? A disease that RARELY has side effects and kills much fewer people than even measles does? A disease for which the vaccine also causes the same side effects as the disease, AND is now the reason that shingles is so dramatically more prevalent in both children, young adults, AND the elderly? Regular exposure to the chickenpox virus prevents shingles much more effectively than the shingles vaccine does. And it’s a lot cheaper.

    Or are we talking about diptheria? Now there is a vaccine I can get behind.

    As a medical professional I am completely against taking away parents’ choice. ESPECIALLY when it comes to vaccines against diseases which simply are not generally deadly in a healthy well nourished population.

    I am neither for nor against vaccination when it comes to common sense choices; I AM against the CDC creating hysteria when they make MILLIONS of dollars from vaccine sales every year and have a HUGE vested interest in making sure peoples’ choice on whether or not to subject themselves or their children to an invasive medical treatment is at risk.

    “Vaccines are unavoidably unsafe” – Congress, 1986.


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