Think globally. Shiver locally.


The Democrat and Chronicle reported that this month will be the coldest month ever recorded in the history of Rochester, New York.

The same probably will be true of many other Northeastern U.S. cities.

Over in Boston, they got as much snow in a month as Anchorage, Alaska, gets in an average winter.

But we upstate New Yorkers shouldn’t mistake what’s going on in our region for what’s going on the the world.

As the map below shows, almost all the rest of the world is significantly warmer than usual.

Worldwide, last month was the second warmest January on record, and this month may well be the second warmest February on record worldwide.  We’re coming out of the hottest 12 months on record globally.

The world really is getting warmer, hard as that would be to believe if you lived on my street.

This is a kind of American exceptionalism I could do without.


And then there’s this chart, showing the long-term trend.


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