The twilight of NATO?

27602NATO was formed as a defensive alliance in which the Americans promised to protect Europe.  It has become an offensive alliance for Europeans to support U.S. interventions.   This does not benefit Europe.   American leaders should not take European support for granted.  I question how long NATO can endure.

Breedlove’s Bellicosity: Germany Concerned About Aggressive NATO Stance on Ukraine by the staff of Der Spiegel

NATO and the Two Central Conflicts of the Ukraine Crisis by Karel von Wolferen, a leading Dutch journalist.

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2 Responses to “The twilight of NATO?”

  1. patricknelson750 Says:

    This is very true, but I don’t think that most European’s have realized it yet.


  2. Gilbert Figueroa Jr. Says:

    NATO Is An Alliance That Benefits Every Nation In Europe And The World. NATO Nations Are Like Brothers And Sisters And They Will Always Help One Another. Eventually NATO Could Become Like The United States In Europe. NATO Means The North Atlantic Treaty Organization But NATO Should Be Expanded Worldwide. NATO Could Also Mean The North American Treaty Organization Which Could Unite All The Nations That Are Not Part Of Europe. At First, There Will Be Two Different NATOs But Eventually There Could Be One If It Would Serve Better. Different NATOs Are Like The Right And Left Arm Control By The Brain (The U.S.). This Is All Done In Order To Create A Stronger World United For A Common Cause. The North American Treaty Organization Could Begin With Japan, South Korea, The ASEAN Nations, Australia, India, African Nations, Russia, And Whoever Wants To Be Part Of NATO But Is Not In Europe. The MESA Will Work, And So Will The Quad But With Both NATOs All Nations Will Feel Part Of The Same Family. Donald Trump For Reelection 2020. Keep America Great!

    #ChampionShipStyleGoldenSupreme #InChampionShipWeTrust


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