Why the alliance of Netanyahu and the GOP?

The overwhelming majority of Jewish people in the United States vote for the Democratic Party, but it is the Republicans who are the strongest supporters of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  And vice versa.  Why is this?

P.M. Benjamin Netanyahu and Sen. Tom Cotton

P.M. Benjamin Netanyahu and GOP Sen. Tom Cotton

I think that Republican hawks see Netanyahu’s Israel as a model of the kind of aggressive, militarist nation that they would like to see the United States become.

American Jewish voters mostly support Democrats because, based on their historical memory as an oppressed people, they favor civil rights, labor rights and humanitarian causes.   These are values rejected by the dominant faction of the Republican Party and by the Likud party in Israel.

I think that another reason is that Republicans appeal to the apocalyptic Christian minority that believes that the establishment of Israel is the fulfillment of a Biblical prophecy about the End Times.  Jewish people in the USA find these Christians scary, recalling their history of persecution, but they are exactly parallel to the apocalyptic Jewish minority in Israel.

Jewish people in the United States, whether Democrat or Republican, support Israel because of a primeval fear of being wiped out as a people.  This is based on memory of a history of attempts to wipe them out—from the Assyrian destruction of the 10 tribes of Israel through the Spanish Inquisition and Russian progroms to the Nazi Holocaust.

The U.S. government also is committed to the defense of Israel, although this was not always the case.  During the first 20 or so years after the founding of Israel, when it was in danger of attack by the Arab League nations, Washington left Israel to fend for itself.

As the danger to Israel has decreased, U.S. aid to Israel has increased and become more unconditional.  I think this is due to the influence of the Israel lobby, discussed in links below.

Democrats, including President Obama, and Jewish people in the USA are coming to realize that militarism and religious nationalism do not serve Israel well.  That is why Netanyahu allies himself with the Republican Party and the U.S. neo-conservatives and religious right.

Embrace of Israel-style militarism and religious nationalism would not serve the United States well.   We Americans would become as isolated as the Israelis and, unlike them, we wouldn’t have a bigger, stronger country to protect us.


Shutting Down AIPAC: Removing Israel from American politics by Philip Giraldi.

The Best Congress Money Can Buy by Eric S. Margolis.

Media are stunned by Congress’s ‘loyalty’ to Netanyahu but refuse to explain it by Philip Weiss.

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