Global warming skipped Washington this winter


The world is getting warmer, but not everywhere at the same time.  I hope our decision-makers in Washington, D.C., can accept the fact that the world as a whole is warming up even though it’s cold where they live.


This has been the warmest winter on record, except in the most politically important part of the world by Philip Bump for the Washington Post.   [Hat tip to Barry Ritholtz.]


Update: Another map of global temperature trends.

temperature_1950-2014.jpg.CROP.original-originalHat tip: Bad Astronomy.

2 Responses to “Global warming skipped Washington this winter”

  1. williambearcat Says:

    Don’t count on the decision makers. They have their heads up their asses I fear.


  2. tiffany267 Says:

    Lots of other things skipped Washington this year, like compassion, intelligence, respect for human dignity, common sense, the list goes on.


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