A short quiz on United States geography

What is:

1.  The northernmost American state?

2.  The easternmost American state?

3.  The westernmost American state?

4.  The southernmost American state?


The northernmost American state is Alaska.

The easternmost American state is Maine.

The westernmost American state is Alaska (look at how far the Aleutians extend).

The southernmost American state is Hawaii.


My reference point for north, east, west and south is the geographic center of the United States.

However, if your reference points were the Equator for north and south and the Prime Meridian (the line of longitude going through Greenwich, England) for east and west, then Alaska would be the easternmost state.

The Aleutians extend beyond the 180th degree of longitude, so that the far tip of the Aleutians would be closer to Greenwich looking east than going west.

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