How to feed a U.S. family on $30 a week

groceriesCould you feed an American family of three, plus a dog, on $30 a week?  I couldn’t.  Joseph Cannon could, and did, but it took effort and ingenuity.  He told how on a post on his web log.

One tip: Hispanic groceries (in California).  Another: Food in bins, not in bags.  A third: Whole chickens on sale.  But read the whole thing.


The SNAP Challenge: Here’s the Real Way by Joseph Cannon for Cannonfire.

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One Response to “How to feed a U.S. family on $30 a week”

  1. tiffany267 Says:

    Bulk dry beans cost less than chicken, are easier and safer to prepare, and are healthier. Canned beans save time but cost more overall since half the can is water. Eating a whole-foods, plant-based diet is inexpensive and more nutritious than eating meat, in my view.

    This other blogger claims he has been poor – what that means by American standards is unclear to me, maybe just SNAP eligibility? – and that poor people have no reason to care about fat or the nutrition content of their diet. That statements really alarms me because, while basic food is not expensive in the US, basic healthcare is. Fresh fruits and vegetables do not lead to the risk of Salmonella the way chicken does. Nor do they contain cholesterol, and most do not contain high levels of sodium or saturated fats.


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