At last the AFL-CIO plays hardball on TPP


The AFL-CIO is withholding support from congressional representatives until it sees how they vote on the Trade Promotion Authority and Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement.

The TPP is an anti-labor international agreement, and the TPA, also known as Fast Track, is a procedure for pushing it through with limited time for debate.

Good!  It’s about time that organized labor stop supporting politicians that don’t vote in the interests of working people—even if such politicians are supposedly a lesser evil.


Democrats Frustrated by Unions’ Cash Freeze Over Fast Track by Emily Cahn and Emma Dumain for Roll Call.

AFL-CIO Says Labor Has Been Blocked from Trans Pacific Partnership Debate by Marc Daalder for In These Times.

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One Response to “At last the AFL-CIO plays hardball on TPP”

  1. Perette Barella Says:

    The AFL-CIO has the same blinders they’ve had on for 30 years. In the 1980s, they told us to buy American because American workers were better workers, and we produced a better product. And here, again, it’s all about being American: “This is a bad deal for _American_ workers. If we want to raise wages, protect _our_ job and save _American_ manufacturing…”

    The companies are globalizing, and we can’t stop it. Rejecting TPP will slow it down, but the power imbalance will still exist. How does it get fixed? Labor needs to globalize. As long as American workers are in competition with workers from every other country around the globe, we all lose, there is always somewhere cheaper to move the jobs.

    “Workers of the _world_ unite,” not “Workers of America unite.”

    As long as the AFL-CIO only wants to better us, Americans, they will continue to lose relevance. I don’t know how they can globalize, I don’t know how to address the language challenges and legal barriers in other countries—but making labor’s power balance with employer power is the way to fix this long-term.


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