Is our world actually becoming less violent?


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Source: Our World in Data

Hat tip to Barry Ritholtz

The information in the charts above and below indicate that the world is becoming less murderous after having emerged from a uniquely bloodthirsty period.   Of course that’s no reason to feel complacent about the wars now going on.  And things should change at any moment.  Hardly anybody in 1910 expected the two world wars or the rise of totalitarian governments.

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Double click to enlarge.

 Source: Our World in Data

Keep in mind the difference between the absolute numbers and the percentage of the world population.  Keep in mind, too, that these figures are informed guesses and not actual counts, and that some of these figures are disputed.   And also keep in mind that not everything that happened in the past is part of the historical record.

Still, I find these charts interesting and suggestive, and maybe you will, too.

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One Response to “Is our world actually becoming less violent?”

  1. Palmetto Quinn Says:

    War today is waged with sanctions and in the banks as that is where all the power is centered. Where as in previous times power was concentrated in the mite of a great king or general. That might have something to do with these trends.

    However; as you mentioned, another great war could change things.


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