Politics as a spectator sport

Some people seem to enjoy national politics as a kind of spectator sport with audience participation.

DCdivided-300x253They root for Team Blue or Team Red, and they do your bit to help their team win.

They vote in the general election for the team they support.  They vote in the primary election for the candidate who will best help their team win in the general election.

They reject the option of voting for a superior candidate on the other team, or for a candidate not on either team, because this might tip the balance for the other team.

When I point to the bipartisan acceptance of the USA’s drift into financial oligarchy, economic stagnation, authoritarianism and perpetual war, the answer I get is that one party is worse than the other, and that is the only relevant consideration.

As committed political sports fans, they made an initial decision as to which team to support, and any subsequent decision is based on its implications for their team’s victory or defeat.

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2 Responses to “Politics as a spectator sport”

  1. williambearcat Says:

    Generalizations generally (pun intended) are looked on by intellectuals as negative. I couldn’t live without generalizing;.Every decision, even political ones, cannot be made by thoroughly examining the facts and rationale for them. I could not have any other life than that idealized citizen in ancient Greece. And ancient Grecian s could do that only because of an array of non-citizens doing the regular life activities for them.

    And since no one is perfect and no institution is perfect nor do they come close to perfection, I stick with the one who is most like me. Rarely if ever has the Republican Party since 1980 stood for anything remotely like what I favor. Electing one of them is tantamount to supporting the crazies that now dominate the party.


  2. Jay Says:

    I have found that the web of alliances, obligations, and contacts a candidate brings to office is more useful than the candidate’s personal statements in predicting what effects the candidate would have in office. I can’t vote for a politician without voting for his staff, his backers, his allies, the list of people he would appoint for various positions – in a word, his party.


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