The biggest book in the world

largest book 1Source: Kuriositas.

The biggest book in the world is an edition of the Pali Canon, a scripture of Theravada Buddhism, inscribed on marble by order of King Mindon of Burma in 1860.

Located in Mandalay, it consists of 1,640 marble pages, each 3.5 feet wide, 5 feet tall and 5 inches thick, sheltered by its own pagoda, and arranged around the central golden Kuthodaw Pagoda.  Only one page is devoted to King Mindon’s own deeds.

The project was completed and opened to the public in 1868.   Tended by Buddhist monks, it is still visited by pilgrims and tourists.

King Mindon believed that books were the most valuable creation of civilization, and he hoped his edition of the Pali Canon would last 5,000 years.

biggest book 2

One page of King Mindan’s book

Side view of a page

Side view of a page

Scale model of Kuthadow Pagoda complex

Scale model of Kuthodaw Pagoda complex

Kuthadow Pagoda complex is tended by Buddhist monks

The Kuthadow Pagoda complex is tended by Buddhist monks

Source: The Biggest Book in the World on Kuriositas

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