Sanders gets the bulk of Obama donors so far

obama.bernie-1Source: U.S. News

A new analysis shows that Bernie Sanders has received more donations from former Obama donors than Hillary Clinton has.  And Marco Rubio so far has a bigger share of former Romney donors than any other Republican candidate has.

Crowdpac, a political research organization cited by U.S. News, reported that, out of the 9,302 Romney donors who have contributed to 2016 candidates so far, 2,891 made contributions to Rubio, 1,840 to Ted Cruz, 1,562 to Jeb Bush, 511 to Ron Paul and—get this!—280 to Hillary Clinton and 276 to Bernie Sanders.

This is an interesting omen—no more than that.   Neither Sanders nor Rubio is winning either the overall money race or the public opinion race.


Real Clear Politics, as quoted by Crowdpac, reported that Hillary Clinton is by far the Democratic front-runner in public opinion polls, with an average of  57.8 percent support.  Runners-up are Bernie Sanders (17.2%) and Joe Biden (10.3%).    Biden is not a declared candidate.

The Republicans have no clear front-runner.  Their leaders are Donald Trump (18.2%), Jeb Bush (13.2%) and Scott Walker (12%).

All of these figures could change quickly and probably will.   For me, the most notable development is the unexpected strength of outsiders Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.  Although I think Sanders’ views have merit and Trump’s have none at all, both of them speak plainly about things on voters’ minds that other candidates avoid.


Obama’s Donors Flocking to Sanders, Romney’s Going to Rubio by David Catanese for U.S. News (via Down With Tyranny!)

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One Response to “Sanders gets the bulk of Obama donors so far”

  1. Holden Says:

    I think the money trail paints an obvious picture for the Republicans. Just like Romney before him, the Republican powers at be decided Jeb is next in line, and like Romney, he’ll be yet another giant belly flop.

    They’ll blame it on Trump just like they did Ron Paul last go round, but make no mistake, the real problem is that the guys behind the scenes are severely out of touch with how the average American conservative actually feels about the current political climate.


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