Hillary Clinton in her own eyes

We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.
==Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

Hillary Clinton in her various autobiographies, reviewed by Doug Muder on The Weekly Sift, presents herself as a progressive working for change within a conservative establishment.

This may well be how she sees herself, even when making $235,000 speeches to Wall Street banking audiences, and her right-wing opponents see her this way as well.

I don’t see it.   I think Hillary Clinton, like Barack Obama and Bill Clinton before her, has been so focused on getting into power, and on making herself acceptable to conservatives and the powers that be, that any progressive goals have been lost in the process.

Because she spends to much time hanging out with the Wall Street and Washington elite, she may well imagine that her minor differences with those people make her a courageous dissenter.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

My disillusionment with the Clintons started in 1993 when they fired the members of the White House travel office and turned over the job to an Arkansas travel agency.

The travel office employees were employed at will, and there was some question as to whether they were doing a good job, so I wasn’t bothered by the firing itself.   What shocked me was that, when the firings drew criticism, they initiated an FBI investigation into possible criminal wrong-doing.  Billy Dale, the head of the office, was indicted but later acquitted.

The travel office scandal was not the most important Clinton administration controversy, but to me it revealed the Clintons’ character and priorities.  I lump Bill and Hillary Clinton together because I regard them as closely bonded, even more so than most married couples.

What the scandal showed is that the Clintons were willing to ruin the lives of ordinary people who wished them no harm simply to gain a minor political advantage.  If they had qualms of conscience, they probably said to themselves that it was better for the country that they preserve their power by any means necessary.

I don’t think it is productive to wonder whether Hillary Clinton is a right-winger pretending to be a left-winger, or a left-winger pretending to be a right-winger, or, like Doug Muder, try to answer the question of “who is she, really?”   She has a record and it speaks for itself.


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