Don’t underestimate Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is not an inspiring speaker, but she has long experience in politics, an extensive network of supporters and the ability to win the loyalty of disparate individuals and groups.

Credit: Chip Somodevile / Getty Images

Credit: Chip Somodevile / Getty Images

Her response to the Network Nation protest is an example of her seasoned political judgment.  First of all she had sense enough not to attend, and therefore did not catch any of the flak from #BlackLivesMatter that Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley did.  Then she was able to make a considered response to #BlackLivesMatter that struck just the right note, which neither Sanders nor O’Malley was able to do.

This skill set did not come out of nowhere.  It is the result of more than 20 years experience in Washington and national politics, much more than any of her opponents have.

My ideal candidate would be someone with the political skills of a Bill or Hillary Clinton, the eloquence of a Bill Clinton or Barack Obama, the concern for average Americans of a Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren, and the commitment to Constitutional rights of a Ron Paul.


The Rohrschach Candidacy of Hillary Clinton by Gaius Publius for Down With Tyranny!  An excellent backgrounder with lots of good links.

Hillary Clinton is not a great campaigner, but she has mastered the art of inside politics by Jonathan Allen for

Hedge Fund Titans Choosing Hillary Clinton Over Top Republicans by Saijel Kishan for Bloomberg Politics.

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