The passing scene – August 6, 2015

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The Suicide of the American Left by John Michael Greer for The Archdruid Report.

John Michael Greer recalled a time when there were Democrats who fought for the interests of famers and factory workers against financial speculators, and Republicans who fought against foreign military intervention and excessive government power.   Now both parties are pro-corporations and pro-government power.

Hillary Clinton is an example of what’s wrong with liberals and progressives, Greer wrote.  She thinks that all she has to do to be elected President is talk about how bad the Republicans are.

Dear NYT: When the GOP Is Your Assignment Editor, You Miss Real Stories by Mike the Mad Biologist.

Seriously, what has happened to the NYT? by Joseph Cannon for Cannonfire.

HIllary Clinton

HIllary Clinton

While there is much in Hillary Clinton’s record to criticize, the Washington press corps does not focus on these things.  Instead it subjects her to a constant stream of attacks based on falsehoods, trivialities or, at best, controversies that involve grey areas.

My explanation is that all the legitimate grounds for attacking Hillary Clinton apply at least as much and probably more to her Republican opponents.  The only reasons for singling her out are bogus ones.  That applies to Barack Obama as well.

Donald Trump Is a Serious Candidate by Jeet Heer of The New Republic.

Koch Brothers Declare War on Donald Trump by Shannon Argueta for Addicting Info.

Donald Trump talked politics with Bill Clinton weeks before launching 2016 bid by Robert Costa and Anne Gearan for The Washington Post.  [Hat tip to Unqualified Offerings]

It’s hard for the other Republican candidates to oppose Donald Trump because he is just like them or at least just like they pretend to be, only more so.  I can see why Hillary Clinton would rather run against him than against Jeb Bush.

China’s Naked Emperors by Paul Krugman.  [Hat tip to Steve Badrich]

Krugman doesn’t think that the Chinese leaders know what they’re doing any more than the American or European leaders do.  I wouldn’t sell the Chinese leaders short, but I agree that their efforts to prop up their stock market are doomed to fail and make the eventual crash worse than it otherwise would be.

Random thought for the day by Charles Stross.

Scottish SF writer Charles Stross speculated on why the U.S. and European governments are in a hurry to ratify the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, sister to the Trans Pacific Partnership.

He thinks it may be because they foresee another financial crash ahead, and the TTIP’s provisions on financial regulation would make the big banks bullet-proof against the inevitable public backlash.

The TPP Copyright Chapter Leaks: Canada May Face Website Blocking, New Criminal Provisions & Term Extensions by Canadian blogger Michael Geist.

One sentence that explains why Obama is struggling to finish his big trade deal by Timothy B. Lee for Vox.

Puerto Rico Crisis Goes From Bad to Worse by A.J. Vicens for Mother Jones.

JP Morgan Ranks No. 1 As Bank Most Crucial to Financial Stability by Ian Katz for Bloomberg Business.

U.S. Prosecution of White Collar Crime Hits 20-Year Low: Report by David Sirota for International Business Times.

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