The passing scene – August 9, 2015

These are links to interesting articles I’ve come across in the past day or so.  I may add links during the day.  Please feel free to make general or off-topic comments.

Coyotes in New York and Chicago by Lance Richardson for Slate. now inhabit New York, Chicago and other big American cities.  Lance Richardson thinks they may well fit the urban and suburban environment better than the rural environment.

Coyotes eat rats and mice.  They eat feral cats, which prey on songbirds.  In suburbs, where hunters are forbidden to discharge firearms, they keep the deer population down.

Farmers and ranchers kill coyotes because coyotes destroy poultry and livestock.  But in cities and suburbs, most pets and other domestic animals are locked up, and coyotes survive by eating vermin.

Meet the electric life forms that live on pure energy by Catherine Brahic for New Scientist.

Scientists have discovered bacteria that eat and breathe electrons, and they can be found nearly everywhere.  All life and all chemical reactions are based on a flow of electrons, but these bacteria survive on electricity in its purest form.

Kropotkin on the Hudson by Polly Howells for In These Times.

Members of the Long Spoon Collective in Saugerties, New York, try to live by the anarchist values of voluntary sharing.   I highly approve of what they’re attempting and wish them well.  I’m not sure such communities can work without extra-ordinary dedication, but I’d be happy to be proved wrong.  I don’t have it in me to live as they do myself.

The Freakishness of Christianity: What would the American culture wars look like if they were less about “values” and more about Jesus? by Emma Green for The Atlantic.

Russell Moore is an influential Southern Baptist theologian.  According to Emma Green, he says that evangelical Protestants, rather than acting as if they speak for a majority of Americans, should recognize that true religion is always in the minority and almost always must be a critic of society.

2016 Republican debate: Donald Trump’s Megyn Kelly war by Ben Schreckinger for POLITICO.

Donald Trump’s lack of inhibition about what he says can be refreshing, but he lacks the maturity and temperament to be an adequate President.

Trump Change: Is Donald Trump Broke? by Doug Litowitz for The Alpha Pages.

Nobody outside Donald Trump’s inner circle knows his net worth, and his so-called financial disclosures don’t help.  But his wealth is almost certainly much less than $10 billion.

Get Ready for Scott Walker … and the Ruthless Politics of Walkerism by John Nichols for The Nation.

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