Why the GOP will never completely collapse

A Democratic friend of mine, watching the Republican debate on Fox News, said he enjoys watching the Republican Party collapse.

So do I.  I’ve watched the Republican Party collapse many times.  I watched it collapse under George W. Bush.  I watched it collapse under the leadership of Newt Gingrich.  I watched it collapse after the Watergate scandals.  I watched it collapse under the candidacy of Barry Goldwater.

But somehow it always keeps coming back.

As long that Americans are locked into a two-party system, both legally and psychologically, then neither political party is ever going to collapse for good.

There will always come a time when voters are fed up with the incumbent party.  Then they will turn to an alternative.  If there is only one alternative, that is the one they will choose.

If you really want the Republican Party to disappear – or the Democratic Party, for that matter – then work to change U.S. political system to allow for more than one opposition party.

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4 Responses to “Why the GOP will never completely collapse”

  1. williambearcat Says:

    I think the Republican Party will survive, perhaps as a regional party based mainly in the southern states. Change does happen often when least expected and I do not see how a party dominated by people who do not believe in governing can last. A new party will probably grow out of the collapse of the present GOP. Change is a constant even in the political process.


  2. williambearcat Says:

    and another thought about the possible collapse of the Republican Party: what other political party in history has not wanted to govern? I contend that a significant number of Republican voters do not want a government at all witness the cry to make the government so small it can be drowned in a bathtub.


  3. sglover Says:

    “a significant number of Republican voters do not want a government at all”

    Lots of them yammer that, and a few — the least connected, least consequential of them, the real suckers — might even believe that. But make no mistake, on the whole members of the Republican coalition are fervent advocates of a strong government. They just want one that caters to their interests alone.


  4. philebersole Says:

    The Republican Party will never collapse completely so long as the only alternative to the Republican Party is the Democratic Party.


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