How “political correctness” empowered Trump

So-called “political correctness” has spread out from its original habitat on college campuses to society at large.  The backlash against this partly explains the popularity of Donald Trump.

An article in The Federalist, quoted by Joseph Cannon on his Cannonfire blog, describes the problem.

Since the Republican implosion in the 2012 election, much of American political discourse has centered not so much on whether particular ideas are wrong as on whether they can be expressed at all. [snip]

Witness the constant barrage of arguments that people who dissent from leftist causes are on the “wrong side of history,” as if history is something that can be predicted in advance like the weather.

[snip]  The idea that egalitarian principles require us to legally sanction gay marriage might be persuasive, but the idea the same principles should allow gay-rights proponents to trample religious freedom is a much harder sell. Therefore, prudence requires not overextending that argument for it to maintain its effectiveness.

But the Left, high on their own success, has not just overextended this argument: it has strapped it to the rack and dislocated its limbs.  The idea that certain sentiments can’t be expressed without branding you as an artifact of a dark and unenlightened past has entered the realm of self-parody.

It’s all well and good when your unenlightened feminist bogeyman is Todd Akin using cocktail napkin math to pretend rape babies don’t exist; it’s another thing entirely when it’s Laura Kipnis questioning whether grad students dating professors is really such a monstrous imbalance of power.

Yet, especially in its natural habitat—the faculty lounge—the Left just bulls right on, trying to write anything and everything to the right of Karl Marx and bell hooks out of existence, until even Bernie Sanders is getting booed for “whitesplaining.”

The avalanche of stories and think pieces about trigger warnings, mattress-carrying bluestockings, and freakouts over “misgendering” someone who as of only a month ago was still a man have painted a very unflattering picture of our national culture.

America, the land of the free and the home of the brave, appears to be in danger of becoming the land of the fragile and the home of the breakable.  Everyone, both Left and Right, is getting fed up with treating their fellow citizens like overpriced glassware.

Into this great American China shop steps Donald Trump, aka the bull.

via The Federalist.


The idiocy of the left and the idiocy of the right by Joseph Cannon for Cannonfire.

Donald Trump Was Inevitable by Mytheos Holt for The Federalist.

Liberals and the New McCarthyism by Derrick Jensen for Counterpunch.

Portland State University Will Shut Down Political Activity If It’s ‘Triggering’ by Robby Soave for Reason.

Game of Groans: How Focus on Trump Taunts Hides GOP War on Middle Class, Workers by Juan Cole for Informed Comment.

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  1. Holden Says:

    Great links. I’m really happy you shared.


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