Have teenagers lost interest in summer jobs?

 d7dfdc782bc4d1a6970a09e3ffc40e73Source: Vox.

ft_15_0618_summerjobs_420px.png.CROP.promovar-mediumlargeSource: Pew Research.

Somewhat fewer teenagers from affluent families are interested in working summer jobs than in the past.  And more teenagers than in the past are attending school during the summer.

But another reason fewer teenagers are working summer jobs is that they can’t compete with the growing numbers of adults who want those same jobs.


Why American Teens Aren’t Working Summer Jobs Anymore by Peter Gosselin for Bloomberg News.

The fading of the teen summer job by Drew DeSilver for Pew Research.

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  1. williambearcat Says:

    One argument against raising the minimum wage for restaurant workers is that teenagers hold most of those jobs. That is less than true, but since many teenagers are working to pay for college it might help to have more money so that they do not end up with humongous debt upon graduation.


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