It may be too late to stop or slow global warming

Click on Climate Change for a transcript.

Global warming may have attained such momentum that human action will not be able to reverse it or even slow it down by very much.

As glaciers and the Arctic ice cap melt, less sunlight is reflected back into space, and the warmer the planet gets.   As storms and drought devastate the land, forests and plant life are destroyed and less carbon dioxide is absorbed.  Some scientists think catastrophic global warming is irreversible.

Anyhow, the U.S. government’s economic strategy is based on fossil fuels—hydrofracking for natural gas and deep ocean drilling and Arctic drilling for natural gas.  The Russian Federation’s economic strategy is based on oil and gas exports, and China doesn’t appear to be ready to burn less coal.

A reversal of course isn’t politically feasible and, at this point, could come too late to do any good.


Afterthought  [8/17/2015]

Sometimes I think I should devote this blog exclusively or mainly to environmental concerns rather than the current dysfunctional political and economic system.

My excuse is that unless the latter is fixed, it won’t be possible to do anything about the former.  And if we the people can’t bring about political and economic reforms that are in our immediate interest, how can we deal with things that are in our long-term interest?

Also, it’s possible that Dahr Jamail’s and Guy McPherson’s worst fears won’t come true.   A bias toward optimism is a good thing if it results in constructive action.


The Clean Power Plan Is Barely Better Than Kyoto, IPCC Says; We Must Remove CO2 From the Atmosphere by Bruce Melton for Truthout.


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