The passing scene – August 22, 2015

So Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Is Actually Getting Kinda Serious by Alex Davies for Wired.

Hyperloop, which is being developed by Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Tesla Motors, would be a series of above-ground pneumatic tubes filled with people that would zip them along at near-supersonic speeds.

It’s being developed by men and women with day jobs at places such as NASA, Boeing and SpaceX who are paid in stock options rather than cash.  Two established companies, Aercom, an engineering design firm, and Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum, are helping with the project in return for stock options.

A prototype demonstration of the system is scheduled for 2016.

Germany fact of the day, will support for immigration collapse? by Tyler Cowen for Marginal Revolution.

A big backlash is developing across Europe against refugees and unauthorized immigrants.  Cowen favors open borders in principle, but doesn’t think it is politically feasible.

Dejá Vu: Germany Tightens Its Economic Power Over Europe by Richard D. Wolff for Truthout.  (Hat tip to Bill Harvey)

The European Union was supposed to be an association that benefited all its members.  Now it has devolved into a mechanism by which Germany, Europe’s richest nation, inflicts economic punishment on Greece, one of its poorest.

Amazon’s 24/7 Hell Is the Future of Work by Brian Merchant for Motherboard.

Jeff Bezos’ Amazon is testing the limits of just how hard an American employer can be on employees.   Amazon is not the 21st century workplace that most Americans envisioned 50 years ago.

Picking Apart One of the Biggest Lies in American Politics: ‘Free Trade’ by Thom Hartmann for AlterNet.

China Tests Its Most Dangerous Nuclear Weapon of All Time by Zachery Keck for the National Interest.

Bernie Sanders, Progressive Enemy No. 1 by Bill Scher for POLITICO.

Why Republicans Vote for Bernie by Thom Hartmann for AlterNet.

GooseBuster to the Rescue: How to Get Rid of Canada Geese by Hannah Waters for Audubon.

Invasive Species: Chefs’ Latest Menu Offering by Maridel Reyes for Boomberg Business News.

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