The political scene – August 25, 2015

The Do-Something-Else Principle by Doug Muder for The Weekly Sift.

The simple-minded populism that controls the GOP by Paul Waldman for The Washington Post.

teaparty.GOP.USA.worldDoug Muder and Paul Waldman wrote about how the leading Republican candidates operate on the principle that “ignorance is strength”.

They not only are uninterested in the details of policy.  They lack understanding of how a Constitutional government works.  They seem to think that Presidents can do anything they want by decree, and the only qualities needed are decisiveness and average common sense.

Dr. Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina and Donald Trump have no experience or interest in government.  Senator Ted Cruz, although he holds public office, also manifests no interest in actually governing.  The popular appeal of such candidates is a measure of the frustration of the American public with the present bipartisan consensus.

One-party system: What total Republican control of a state really means by Herman Schwartz for Reuters.

The Republican Party has much more grass roots strength at the state level than the Democrats.  But except for those who think gun rights and the suppression of abortion are more important than anything else, they’re not governing in the interest of American working people.

The Age of Imperial Wars by James Petras.

Insouciance Rules the West by Paul Craig Roberts.

The establishment Democrats and Republicans understand the workings of government better than the Tea Party Republicans do.  But in their overall policies, they, too, are either disconnected from reality or powerless to change the direction of a government that is on automatic pilot for drone warfare, covert warfare and proxy warfare.

Playing the Long Game on Iran by David Bromwich for TomDispatch.

mu0ias-hardlinersPresident Obama’s attempt to make peace with Iran is a rare example of sanity, but his struggle with the war hawks show how difficult it is to change course.

Why Biden Would Be a TERRIBLE President by Washington’s Blog.

Biden is a faithful supporter of Wall Street, the Pentagon and the status quo.

Are Republicans For Freedom or White Identity Politics? by Ben Domenech for The Federalist.

David Trump and the White Nationalists by Evan Osnos for The New Yorker.

Why Donald Trump Is So Scary by Gary Leupp for Counterpunch.

Since Trump’s specific ideas are incoherent and impossible to implement, what would a Trump administration be like?  My guess is that he would follow the same path as the Obama and Bush administrations, but more militaristic, anti-immigrant and more indifferent to Constitutional rights.

It would be interesting to see whether he would continue to oppose the Trans Pacific Partnership and to oppose tampering with Social Security, but I am unwilling to make the experiment.

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One Response to “The political scene – August 25, 2015”

  1. peteybee Says:

    Seems to be a theme here. Democrats afraid of losing.
    Perhaps they should offer the public something more meaningful?


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