Donald Trump vs. right-wing political correctness

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I confess that I can’t help but enjoy the uninhibited way Donald Trump runs rings around the other Republican candidates by ignoring all the conventions of right-wing political correctness.  I think he would be a great commentator for Fox News or, better still, Comedy Central.

I felt the same way about George Wallace in 1968 and 1972.   I deplored what he stood for, but, in spite of himself, I enjoyed hearing him speak.   He had great wit and a great sense of timing, and he deftly punctured the hypocrisy of the other candidates.

Other Republican candidates haven’t been able to answer Trump because of all the taboos they’ve imposed upon themselves over the years about what they can and can’t say.

Immigration is an example.   Most Republican presidential candidates have to strike a balance between their corporate financial backers, who want more legal and illegal low-wage workers in the United States, and their constituents, who fear having to compete with and live with such immigrants.

Trump need not worry about striking a balance.  There is nothing to stop him from appealing to Americans’ worst fears.

That is very different from being qualified to be President of the United States.  Your convictions have to be based on something more solid than a showman’s sense of what will please the audience.

I even agree with Donald Trump on some things—such as his opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, his defense of Social Security, his defense of Planned Parenthood, his opposition to special tax breaks for hedge fund managers.

TMW2015-09-16colorAnd on most of the things with which I disagree, he is not as bad as the other Republican candidates, or at least no worse, or maybe not that much worse.

I don’t really care about his specific views because I don’t take them seriously.   I don’t think they’re the result of serious thought or conviction.  I think he could change 180 degrees on any of them without hesitation or apology.

The secret of his strength is not his specific views, except maybe on immigration.   His appeal is based on the idea that he would be a strong and tough leader.

And what is the basis of that belief?  His repeated assertion that he would be a strong and tough leader.

Bruce Plante Cartoon: Hillary, Bernie and TrumpTrump is tough in the sense that he does not hesitate to come down hard on those who have less power than he does.  He is not tough in the sense that he stands up for what is right even though he has to pay a price for it.  I do not think he would be a match for Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping or anyone else he has no power over.

The United States is heading in a bad direction, and the established political leaders of both parties are doing nothing to change it.  Republican voters know this.  That is why they are willing to consider a Donald Trump or a Dr. Ben Carson.   Neither of these two candidates would be so strong if the established leaders of the Republican Party, or the Democratic Party, truly represented the public interest.


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One Response to “Donald Trump vs. right-wing political correctness”

  1. Notes To Ponder Says:

    Much as I believe the definition of Donald Trump is “buffoon”, I can’t turn away. Trump’s lack of propriety, empathy, and good old fashioned common sense to filter what spews from his mouth is unprecedented. He isn’t bothered by technicalities such as handlers, public relations firms or speech writers – the man speaks his mind. Horrified as it may be, you have to admit it’s refreshing. If I was a republican presidential candidate, I would be pooping my pants. Right wing America might just fall for the man who isn’t afraid to say what they’re thinking.


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