Election 2016: small money vs. big money


BernieSandersScreen+Shot+2015-10-18+at+6.50.17+AMBloomberg Business had an interesting set of charts, showing how much money the different candidates received in small donations (under $200) versus large donations.

Bloomberg’s bar for small donations was lower than for some of the other charts I’ve published on this web log.  Some of what the writers consider “large” donations aren’t all that large.  Nevertheless, Boomberg’s figures give a general figure of which candidates raise significant amounts from the general public and which depend on the wealthy.

The only Democratic candidate supported mainly by small donations is Bernie Sanders.  Among Republicans, Ben Carson, Donald Trump and Mike Huckabee all received more in small donations than large.

GOPcandidatesScreen+Shot+2015-10-18+at+6.57.29+AMThe figures are as follows:

Bernie Sanders

Large donations: $6.02 million.

Small donations: $20.19 million.

Ben Carson

Large donations: $8.29 million.

Small donations: $12.43 million.

Donald Trump

Large donations: $1.04 million

Small donations: $2.78 million

Mike Huckabee

Large donations: $500,000

Small donations: $730,000

These figures don’t include contributions from Political Action Committees, or the amounts that the candidates spend out of their own money.  Those are particularly important in the case of Donald Trump.

Some other candidates who raised significant amounts from small donors

Ted Cruz

Large donors: $6.82 million

Small donors: $5.31 million

Carly Fiorina

Large donors: $3.53 million

Small donors: $3.25 million


How Much the Presidential Candidates Raised from Real People by Adam Pearce and Mira Rojanasakul for Bloomberg Business.   Click on this for charts and information about all the candidates.

The 2016 megadonors by Kennedy Elliott, Ana Narayansamy and Matea Gold for The Washington Post.  This covers donations by Political Action Committees, which are not in the Bloomberg article.

The inside story of the Trump campaign’s connections to a big-money super-PAC by Matea Gold, Tom Hamburger and Jenna Johnston for The Washington Post.

One More Thing About Campaign Contributions — Well, 2 Things If You Count Donald Trump’s SuperPAC on Down With Tyranny!  (Hat tip to naked capitalism)

Is Trump Already Breaking the Law By Not Reporting His Super-PAC Haul To The FEC? on Down With Tyranny!


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