Why so few terrorist attacks on the USA?

A blogger named Fred Reed, pointing out how potentially vulnerable the United States is, wonders why there have been so few successful terrorist attacks on the United States.

IRAQI-AMERICAN MUSLIMS CELEBRATE IN DEARBORN OUSTER OF HUSSEINMy guess is that the reason is that Muslim citizens and residents appreciate the religious freedom and acceptance they enjoy in the United States.

There is ignorant prejudice against Muslims in the United States, which I have criticized, but I believe that overall Muslims in the United States enjoy greater freedom than they do in Russia, China, India or even many majority-Muslim countries.

I am proud of the American heritage of religious freedom, and I would hate to see anything diminish it.

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2 Responses to “Why so few terrorist attacks on the USA?”

  1. John Pennington Says:

    And yet there are apparently millions who believe we are under siege, and must limit freedoms to control it.


  2. Holden Says:

    My experience with Muslims in my community, at work, or school has always been 100% positive. I’ve met maybe one angry Muslim (an Afghani cab driver in Alexandria, VA).

    I think most Muslims living in the states are more moderate, and probably feel just as nervous about potential prejudice being shown against them as non-muslims might feel about them committing an act of terror.

    Love your neighbor, be a kind and nice person, talk to one another and be a decent member of the community, and maybe we can deflate some of the tensions a bit.


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