Walking in New York City as a woman in a hijab

Hat tip to The Vineyard of the Saker.

An attractive woman walked the streets of New York City for five hours attired in a T-shirt, tight jeans and a cardigan.  She was the target of constant unwanted remarks and propositions.

The same woman walked the streets of New York City for five hours in a hijab, traditional Muslim dress.  She was ignored or treated with respect.

Modesty in dress is a good thing, not a bad thing.

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8 Responses to “Walking in New York City as a woman in a hijab”

  1. violetwisp Says:

    Ouch! Are you saying she wasn’t modest in the first section? Are you saying women need to wear bin bags over their bodies so that men don’t feel compelled to harass them? It’s interesting alright. Women are sex objects or invisible to men – but we don’t need to define ourselves on that basis.


    • philebersole Says:

      No, I’m not saying the woman in the first section was immodest.

      No, I’m not saying that her manner of dress made her a legitimate target for sexual harassment.

      I am sticking up for women who choose to dress as the woman did in the second section.


  2. violetwisp Says:

    Thanks for posting the video though, really interesting!


  3. S Brennan Says:

    Some people feel women should have to comport themselves in a manner of an 8th century Arab subject to a patriarchal structure…some not.

    Those who feel it has always been so, should read more about Egyptian, Minoans, Phoenicians and Etruscans. Just because these civilizations have been deemed unimportant doesn’t make it so.

    Regardless, I wouldn’t use New Yorkers as a test bed, they have never been known as a city of restraint and congeniality.

    But here is where men controlling woman’s dress leads to:

    University of Missouri professor beat teenage relative for not wearing hijab:



  4. Leaf Eating Carnivore Says:

    Nope – it’s not up to me to make men grow up and behave. I expect from them the same thing they want from me – civility and respect, regardless. They should keep their hormones to themselves. And trust me – it’s not the dress that is the final determinant – Its the mere fact that I’m female, and hoping that I have no proximate “owner” to defend his “turf”.


  5. S Brennan Says:

    “Some people feel women should HAVE TO comport themselves according to dress codes set by our advertising and entertainment media … ”

    Really[?], name one such person, who physically forces women to wear fashion today? We have office dress standards to keep men from showing up un-showered in their underwear, but that’s about it.


    • philebersole Says:

      Good point. I withdraw the “have to”. There is social pressure to conform to the norms of the media, but nobody in the USA is PHYSICALLY coerced to do so. The situation is different in France, and was different in Ataturk’s Turkey and the Shah’s Iran, but that’s getting a little far afield.

      I still think a push-back against our sexualized media culture is a good thing, not a bad thing. I think it takes gumption, which I respect.

      I do not claim any standing to tell women how to dress. I now wish I had just posted the video as food for thought, and not made any comment of my own.


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