The differences between Clinton and Sanders

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Hillary Clinton is the candidate of fear.  Her supporters say their number one goal is to prevent Donald Trump from becoming President.  Bernie Sanders is the candidate of hope.  His supporters say their number one goal is to break Wall Street’s strangle-hold on government and the economy.


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Hillary Clinton has been running for President for at least 10 years.  Bernie Sanders is running to build a resurgent progressive movement that will survive beyond his candidacy, win or lose.


Hillary Clinton has built up a network of donors, supporters, researchers and potential office-holders.  She is well-prepared to run and to assume the duties of the PresidencyIt probably didn’t occur to Bernie Sanders to run for President until a year or so ago.  If Elizabeth Warren had chosen to run, he probably would have stood aside.  He has had to learn how to campaign as he went, and he would have to learn how to govern if he were elected.


If nominated, Hillary Clinton can count on the support of the Democratic Party leadership.  She is an insider This is not true of Bernie Sanders.  Just as in 1972 when the Democrats nominated peace advocate George McGovern, top Democrats might well sit out the campaign or secretly support his opponent.


If elected, Hillary Clinton would face obstructionist Republicans in Congress, mainly for personal and partisan reasons.  Bernie Sanders would face obstruction from both Democrats and Republicans, based on their ties and his threat to Wall Street, the fossil fuel industry and other big corporations.


Voters support or oppose Hillary Clinton mainly because of who she is.  She is a personality who has been in the national limelight for more than 20 years, and most voters have opinions about what kind of person she is.  Voters support or oppose Bernie Sanders mainly because of what he says.  His supporters know virtually nothing about his personal life.  They back him because, as the Quakers say, he “speaks to their condition.”



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Hillary Clinton is rich.  USA Today estimates her net worth at $15.3 million, acquired through investments, book royalties and speaking fees.  She and her husband hang out with rich people and celebrities.  Bernie Sanders is middle class.  USA Today estimates his net worth at $330,500.


Hillary Clinton’s campaign is financed mainly by bankers, corporate executives and business organizations.  Bernie Sanders’ campaign is financed mainly by small donors, labor unions and public interest groups.

The organizations that back Hillary Clinton did so by vote of the leadership.  The organizations that back Bernie Sanders did so more often than not by vote of the membership.


Hillary Clinton has a foreign policy.  Bernie Sanders has humane instincts, but no worked-out foreign policy.  Clinton’s policy is intensification of current war policy.  Sanders is less war-like than Clinton or Obama, but his policy might well be a continuation of the status quo.


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