How rich is Donald Trump, really?

Many multi-billionaires would just as soon not call attention to their wealth.  But Donald Trump thinks it important to not only be rich, but seem rich.  He regards his reputation for being rich as an important business asset.

He once sued a biographer for $5 billion for underestimating his net worth.  Tim O’Brien, author of Trump Nation, estimated Trump’s net worth at $150 million to $250 million in 2005.  Trump said his true net worth was $5 billion.

O’Brien and his publisher won the lawsuit, but legal costs probably ate up any profit they might have made from the book, and then some.

He once sued a biographer, Tim O’Brien, author of Trump Nation, for $5 billion for unde estimating his net worth in 2009 at $150 million to $250 million.  TrumpHe lost the lawsuit, but legal expenses ate up any profit the author of publisher may have made on the book.

But how rich is he, really?


Source: Bloomberg Politics.

Trump is on record as favoring “truthful hyperbole”.   Whatever that means, I suppose it applies to his net worth along with everything else.


Source: ETF Reference (which has links to individual sources)

Trump’s own report of his growth in wealth from 1998 to 2015 was less than that the growth in major stock market indexes around the world.


Source: ETF Reference.

I don’t think this shows Trump to be a terrible investor.  If he were a terrible investor, he’d be broke, as many are.  It just shows he is not the financial superman he would like the world to believe he is.


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