The secret of Donald Trump’s hair


Evolving Trump

Trump’s evolving hair

Donald Trump, according to biographer Michael D’Antonio, had an abiding fear of growing bald.  This wasn’t the image he wanted to project to the world.

Starting about 30 years ago, his hair become thicker and thicker, and blonder and blonder.

Trump always denied that he wore a wig or that he had hair transplants.  In 1990, a Time magazine reporter interviewed New York hair stylists about how the Trump look could have been achieved.  The diagram above is the result.

A role model?

A role model?

Many men three decades ago would have thought Trump was strange for devoting so much time and attention attention to altering his hair.  Now both men and women dye and shape their hair without embarrassment.

Trump’s distinctive hairstyle has served him well.  It has become part of his brand.  Because of his hair, Trump is instantly recognizable.  He would not be confused with somebody else.

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