Winning underwater photography of the year

Organizers of the 2016 Underwater Photographer of the Year Contest shared some winning entries with The Atlantic’s In Focus feature.


Davide Lopresti’s photograph of a seahorse was the overall winner.  It was taken off Trieste, Italy, in a part of the Mediterranean set aside for the restocking of this endangered species.


Dan Bolt took this picture of an egg case, or “mermaid’s purse,” of the spotted catshark off Thurlestone, Devon, in the United Kingdom.



Thomas Heckman took this picture of an underwater wreck off the island of Curacao in the Caribbean.


Click on 2016 Underwater Photographer of the Year for a gallery of 27 astonishing underwater photographs.  They’re all beautiful.


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  1. Lisa the Infidel Says:

    I prefer Heckman’s photo!


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